Short Films

Off the Edge Productions has created a wide variety of short films.

Initiation (2012)-

A brutal gang tests the loyalty of a young initiate who must kill other gang members to gain entrance. He soon realizes that some mistakes can never be undone.

There’s Nothing Funny About Funny Games (2011)-

A young man tells the story of how his life was ruined by the film Funny Games (07′, Haneke). This documentary features exclusive interviews, dramatizations, and real life footage that chronicles Aaron Bennett’s story of woe.

Titus Andronicus Music Video: No Future Part III (Fan Made film only, 2010)-

Music video for the song No Future Part: III off of the 2010 album The Monitor by Titus Andronicus. This is a fan made only video.

Granny’s Donuts Advertisement (2010)-

This is a comedic advertisement made for the delicious bakery Granny’s Donuts

(Director’s Cut)

Odie’s Odyssey (2009)- A short film loosely based on The Odyssey by Homer. It was screened at a local film festival.

Director: Danny Johnson & Joseph Vaske

Starring: Joseph Vaske, Aaron Bennet, Joel Notermann, and Danny Johnson

Past Mirage (2009)- A music video made for Domain’s song Past Mirage

Director: Peter Capecchi and Danny Johnson

Eat it! (2008)A film about a young man’s quest to eat a hamburger.

Director: Joseph Vaske

Starring: Mick Finnegan, Joseph Vaske, and Danny Johnson

Takers and Leavers (2008)– A film told through music. It chronicles the fall of a young man who has made a deal with the devil.

Director: Joseph Vaske

Starring: Steve Hansen, Joseph Vaske, Mick Finnegan, Danny Johnson, and Joel Notermann

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

No Country For Young Men (2007)– A spoof of the Oscar nominated film No Country For Old Men.

Director: Danny Johnson & Joseph Vaske

Starring: Joseph Vaske, Joel Notermann, and Danny Johnson

The Death of Death (2006)- A film inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, The Death of Death involves the harrowing plight of two young men as they come face to face with death himself.

Director: Joseph Vaske

Starring: Joel Notermann, Tim Grimes, Joseph Vaske, Danny Johnson


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