Black Sabbath (Mario Bava & Salvatore Billitteri. 1963)

Danny- We here at Off the Edge Productions love horror anthologies. We even have our very own horror anthology about 75% written and early reviews say it’s the greatest one ever made once it’s made. For those that don’t know what an anthology is, take a goddamn literature class. Just kidding. Anthologies are a single film made up of several independent stories. Many times each story is done by a different director, which are the coolest kinds in my humble opinion. Black Sabbath is an Italian Horror anthology from the early 60’s. A Black Sabbath is the day which Satanists perform the Black Mass which is a parody of the Catholic mass. It is traditionally done at 3:30 A.M. on Friday morning. The more you know.

And yes the English Rock band took their name from the English title of this film.

Of all the horror anthologies I have seen Black Sabbath is probably more toward the bottom of my list of favorites. That is not to say that it is bad there are just a lot of great horror anthologies out there. I really like the first two parts but felt the third part “the Wurdulack” I felt was too long and dragged. For some reason it was twice as long as the other two segments I wish they would have just shortened it and done a fourth segment.

The bottom line for this film is that time really wasn’t kind to it. It isn’t quite old enough to have the classic thing going for it and the atmosphere just isn’t there. I’m sure I would have loved it if I saw it in the 1960’s. If you are looking for a good Horror Anthology I would point you in the direction of Trick R’ Treat, Creepshow, Three Extremes or the greatest yet Off the Edge untitled Horror Anthology slated to be released sometime in the next decade.

I would recommend watching this film unless you can get a hold of the European version because not only is the version on Netflix the Censored American version and it is also overdubbed into English which fuckin sucks. 6/10

Joe- Like Danny said we both love horror anthologies and if you’re fiending for one look for Trick R Treat or the classic film Creepshow. And if you’re really, really desperate I guess you could watch Black Sabbath. This movie tells three different stories that involve ghosts and vampires. The film is Italian made, but the version we watched on Netflix is the American version which features less gore and subtle story alterations to get past American censors. Oh, and on top of all that it was dubbed. All of this definitely contributes to a less than satisfying viewing experience. The other problem I have with Black Sabbath is that it’s not really scary and it doesn’t have the atmosphere that early horror films had. It’s kind of a middle of the road experience where you can tell most of the twists and nothing is really shocking.

I think I might have really loved this movie if I was a 20 year old Italian kid in 1963…but I wasn’t. I would like to see the European version of this film uncut to see if it makes a difference, but as is Black Sabbath is an average film that does a decent job of holding your attention, but it doesn’t do much else.


Watch it and judge for yourself on Netflix:


2 Responses to Black Sabbath (Mario Bava & Salvatore Billitteri. 1963)

  1. Sarah J says:

    You should def kick your anthology into high gear. I have been excited for that since I read one of your rough drafts a bajillion years ago.

    • offedge says:

      Right now we are just waiting for none of us to have jobs or school and have a ton of money and actors (especially female actors willing to go nude.) when we have all these things it will be the greatest horror antholoy for all time.

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